Reciprocating Saws: The Saber Saw Part III

Reciprocating Saws: The Saber Saw Part III

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One of the most recent innovations to show up on Saber Saws is the orbital feature. In orbital action the blade moves forward, into the wood when it cuts (up stroke), and moves away on the cleaning stroke (down stroke).

The orbital cut makes a faster but rougher cut. In professional models the tool can cut 2x4s almost as fast as a circular saw! For rough home framing the orbital Reciprocating Saw is a must.

This tool has an orbital and a normal setting. Some tools allow you to select from four orbital settings.


Tool manufacturers have departed from labeling tools in terms of horsepower, and instead have moved to measuring tool power in amps. Like horsepower, as you increase the amperage, the more powerful the tool becomes. Most of us, however, have difficulty in relating to amperage ratings.

The good news is that you can go to a home center store and check out the amperage ratings between tool manufacturers and models. This will familiarize you with the more common amperage settings and how an increase in amperage adds to the tool's price.

Professional vs. consumer

There is a world of difference between the professional and consumer grade of Reciprocating Saws -- the professional models win, hands down!

You really won't appreciate the difference until you compare cutting with a consumer grade tool and cutting with a professional model. Professional tools are heavier, feel better and cut faster.

With a professional tool you will feel and see the result of power -- a longer stroke and a more vibration-free tool. If you buy a professional tool you will undoubtedly depend on it much more.


Most Saber Saw users know that blades come in a variety of teeth per inch, widths and lengths. But most do not know when to change the blade!

If you are using last year's blade, it is time to change. You can stretch the mileage of out the saw blade, but the cutting will be slow and the cuts will probably not be square. Use new, sharp blades for faster, smoother cutting.

Most Saber Saw blades are universal which means they fit on almost any make of Saber Saw.