Furniture Making

Wood Chair

Building furniture is a complex procedure, knowing and following correct woodworking guidelines will enhance your skill and show in the finished piece.

Basics of Furniture Making

Starting with the basics of furniture building, the skills needed to build highly crafted piece can be acquired. By carefully choosing which projects to build, you can acquire useful pieces of furniture and gain skills for the more advanced pieces.

Building Children's Furniture

Building children's furniture is a good way to learn the basics, and then you can upscale them for full-sized furniture. Children's furniture is also an excellent area for making sales over the internet.

Building Furniture

Choosing either the type or style of furniture you want to build depends both on your current skill level, and your current needs.

Armoire Project Building an Armoire begins with an overview of the construction of the carcass. The sides and upper side are through-dovetailed, and the lower two dividers are sliding dovetails. The remainder of the design will be attached to face frames. There will be a base and a top. In all, the Armoire will be about 51” tall and 36” wide, so there is room for a mirror on the wall above, and the top may be used as a dressing table.Armoire Details Once the carcass is complete the process of building the Armoire moves to finishing it.

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