Basic of Accuracy and Measurement

Basic of Accuracy and Measurement

The quality of you finished piece are in direct relationship to the accuracy of your measuring system. Piece that are not accurately aligned in relation to every other piece with effect the stability, strength, and overall look of any piece.

5-Cut Sled Fence Test

The 5-Cut test procedure is a simple way to see how square the fence on your table saw sled is to the miter slot. I know some think this test shows how square the fence is to the blade itself but it doesn't. The miter slot is the only consistent controlling factor.

Squaring Your Miter Gauge the Right Way

The key to producing square cuts with a miter gauge is using the slot in which it slides as the reference, not the blade. Despite our best efforts, the blade is seldom exactly parallel to the miter slot. Referencing the miter gauge to a blade that is out-of-line, even a small amount reproduces that error. Over the course of a project, that error can accumulate, making it very difficult build a project that is truly square.

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Does it make sense to measure to 1/64", and then mark a line with a pencil point that's twice that width? Even a fine mechanical pencil proves no match for the precision of a marking knife. Here's what you need to know before buying one.Checking Framing Square Accuracy

Framing squares are popular tools in woodworking for drawing layouts in addition to checking our equipment, tools and projects to be sure they are square. While most good quality framing squares are in fact square, we have to confirm that when new and occasionally thereafter to be sure damage has not compromised its accuracy.

Using Measuring Tools for Woodwork Projects

You have decided that you want to do a project on your own, but needs help in choosing and using measuring tools effectively. This can be overwhelming but don't let an empty tool box discourage you from woodworking. The bare necessities that you would use for measuring is your tape measure, squares and compass or wing dividers.

All About Measuring and Marking Jigs

Every woodworking project, from simple to complex, involves measuring and marking. In projects that lean toward complex, standard marking tools don't always suffice. In these cases, a jig or fixture can help.

Marking and Measuring Tool Basics

If you're like most woodworkers, you've spent a lot of time picking out the best woodworking machinery, hand planes, chisels, scrapers, rasps, clamps and all manner of specialized jigs, tools and accessories that help make your work more accurate and go more smoothly.