Marquetry, Intarsia & Antique Tools

Marquetry, Intarsia, and Antique Tools

Basics of the art of wood inlays, Marquetry, Parquetry, Intarsia, and the collecting of antique hand tools.

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Marquetry Marquetry and Parquetry are forms of inlaid woodworking, which allows a cross between artistic decorative work and wood veneer work. This allows masters of the art and craft to literally turn a bare piece of furniture into a work of art.Basic Intarsia

A type of decorated patterned panel created with dimensional wood pieces. The finished picture is similar in design to marquetry, which uses wood veneers. One species or color of wood is cut out and pieced to the shape of others to create a pictorial pattern.

Guide to Intarsia

In addition to the basic artistic skills needed Intarsia involve cutting and contouring wood, gluing and fitting pieces. Each of these has it one techniques to master.

The Difference between Marquetry and Intarsia

There is a lot of confusion on the internet concerning the difference between Marquetry and Intarsia. I’m sure they are plenty of people whom have never seen these terms before, or are familiar with them, but never knew what they meant, so I thought I’d do a piece explaining these and related terms.

Collecting Antique Tools

Collecting antique tools is a hobby onto itself. Older tools are collected by some because of their craftsmanship for actual use. Others as display pieces of a time past.

Big Book of Intarsia Woodworking
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