Bosch PS31-2A 12 volt Drill/Driver Review

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Bosch PS31-2A 12 volt Drill/Driver - Review

Bosch PS31-2A 12 volt Drill/Driver is an update of the PS30-2A and an up-sized version of the PS21 pocket tool. While the PS21 accepts 1/4 inch hex shanks without a chuck, the PS31 uses a 3/8 inch key-less three jaw chuck which greatly reduces the wobble while accepting a wide array of bits solidly. The PS31 is slightly heavier and longer than the PS21, but at 7” length and height and just over 2 pounds is still a small package.

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Bosch PS31-2A

The two speed drive allows switching between higher torque and a higher no-load speed, and runs with a speed of twice the normal speed in this class. The clutch and variable speed trigger allow precise control over the speed and power, allowing for greater precision work over a wide range of applications. The soft-grip handle if the Bosch PS31-A2 enhances user control is an excellent size tool for a person with smaller hands, though may feel undersized for someone with larger hands. Its light weight makes it great for over the head continuous work. A built-in motor brake enables exact serial screw driving, performs well with standard size screws, but starts to show a strain with larger screws. Another feature included is a LED light for illuminating your work area, although it seems a little under power and is partially block by the cluck, it still does the job. The built-in battery gauge is a nice feature. The lithium-ion batteries are light weight, hold a good charge, and recharge in about a half hour. Bosch states, “The move to digital electronics also enabled Bosch to integrate its own Electronic Cell and Motor Protection System. The system protects both tool and battery from overloading, overheating and deep discharging, the three most common causes of cordless power tool and battery failure.”

For a lightweight 12-volt drill/drivers everything feels well built with of high quality, the drill has good power and speed, lightweight, and has a comfortable grip. The Drill/Driver uses a lightweight and compact design that has the shortest height and shortest head length, making this drill/driver small enough to fit into tight areas. Bosch PS31-2A also packs 265 inch-pounds of torque providing up to twice the torque than the other brands.

For any hobbyist or handyman that does want to deal with the weight of a 18-volt drill this is a excellent choice. It is a bit underpowered for daily production work, but is a good choice for a reliable, lightweight yet powerful drive/driver for your tool box.

The Bosch PS31-2A 12 volt Drill/Driver Two-Speed Drill/Driver comes with two batteries, a 30-minute charger and a sturdy soft-side case.

Bosch PS31-2A Review