Submission Policy

Submission Policy

We welcome your submissions, but Fundamentals of Woodworking is not obligated to review or act on any such submissions. We cannot make any guarantee that it will respond to your message. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if you do send us a submission, whether requested or not (collectively the "Submissions"), such Submission shall immediately become Fundamentals of Woodworking property. Fundamental of Woodworking or affiliates may use any such Submissions as it deems fit, but shall have no obligation to use any of them.

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You agree not to assert any proprietary right of any kind in the Submissions (including, but not limited to copyright or trademark) and you waive the right to receive any financial or other consideration in connection with such Submission including, but not limited to, credit. You agree that any Submissions may be used, edited, removed, modified, published, transmitted, and displayed by Fundamentals of Woodworking without any notice to you. In addition, you agree to waive any and all moral rights in such Submissions. Co-branders are responsible for the content of their sites.

A submission is defined as a request to have some information posted on the Fundamental of Woodworking or Supply Shoppes website. It does not include ordinary e-mailings with questions or comments you wish me to respond to privately.

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