Updating Cabinets

Updating Cabinets

Updating Cabinets

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Knowing the many options available to you is the only way to know how to best update your cabinetry. Often the best option is a quick refinishing to bring back the original, or updated look. The are a number of ways to do this depending on each individual projects needs.Most Effective Way to Spray Cabinet Doors

Right now we spray everything one at a time on a Lazy Susan and stack the doors on Hafele drying racks. We shoot two coats on the back then two coats on the front. Lots of handling going on, but the process keeps moving. I have a finisher spraying and a helper sanding/handing parts. I'm not sure, with our physical layout, that I'm going to come up with a better process.

Furniture Refinishing Basics

I've been presented with a little refinishing work and, not knowing much about refinishing I have a couple of questions. The pieces are a couple of end tables, coffee tables, entry cabinet, and a mirror. All pieces have some fairly intricate lattice work (aprons) and fluting on the legs. The current finish is unknown but looks like pigmented (white) lacquer. The owner wants everything to remain white and i was thinking CV or poly will hold up better to drinks without coasters, etc. I'm planning on using water-based finishes since I lack a proper spray booth.

Quick Kitchen Updates with Cabinet Hardware

A quick and simple way of updating a kitchen is to change the cabinet knobs and drawer pulls. Replacing pulls is an easy way to bring new life to the kitchen design. Kitchen cabinet hardware may seem like a small detail in the larger scheme of a kitchen design, but old hardware can date a kitchen more than old cabinets. By making a change in knobs and pulls, it’s possible to make a small update with big results.

Ideas for Updating Old Cabinets

Spring is a great time to spruce up your kitchen and kitchen cabinets are a good place to start. The least expensive way to give a fresh new look to your old cabinets is to paint them. Because the cabinets will have a build up of grease, grime and food particles, a thorough cleaning is necessary before you begin. Remove doors and hinges from the cabinet body.

Cabinet Painting for DIY Kitchen Cabinets

Painting kitchen cabinets can dress up a kitchen, making it look more updated and bright. Painted kitchen cabinets also cost less than new cabinetry. To begin painting their kitchen cabinets, homeowners first need to remove the doors from the base cabinetry. Cabinet hardware needs to be placed into a baggie or safe place for later use. Before beginning, cabinetry should be cleaned with mineral spirits and a soft cloth rag. Cleaning the cabinets with mineral spirits will remove the grease and dirt residue from many years of use.

Making Old Cabinets Look New

How many times have you stood back and stared at your kitchen or bathroom cabinets and were perplexed at the retro style that they were illuminating through your space? If the answer is more than a few, it is probably time for an update. While purchasing new cabinets can be extremely expensive, refacing the cabinets can be very affordable and will transform your cabinets into something you can be proud.