Introduction to Wood Burning

Introduction to Wood Burning

Learning wood burning (Pyrography) will not only help will the finished look of your carving, it also open the door for working in a new medium. Pyrography can be done both on wood and a variety of other materials.

Wood Burning 101

Wood burning can greatly enhance your carving project. Used to create fine line detailing or sepia tones of shadowing, with just one tool and a few basic strokes this craft will open a new dimension to your finished work.

Pyrography: Decorative Art

Mixed Media is not an unusual concept. Pyrography is a medium that has often been combined with others. In Latin America, however, Pyrography was developed as a stand-alone decorative art medium that draws inspiration from other media.

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Wine Caddy Sunflower Design Free Wood Burning Project Wood burning can be worked on a wide variety of background surfaces. Although wood is the most common surface you can wood burn on vegetable tanned leather, dried gourds, watercolor paper, canvas duck cloth and paper mache. Pyrography: Fine ArtI believe this article will be of great interest to all carvers who use Pyrography to enhance and render their work. The skills represented by this artist are remarkable, and extend all previous limits for Pyrography and radically change our perceptions of the way Pyrography can be used to enhance all forms of carving.

Antique Pyrography

To most people, the idea of antique Pyrography brings to mind Victorian Pyrography--and for good reason. Not only does the Victorian era represent somewhat more recent history, even the word Pyrography, it seems, was coined at that time. With the invention of a variable-temperature, benzine-fueled tool and the phenomenon of the ladies magazines, which promoted this promising "new" art form as something desirable for women as well as for men, Pyrography reached the status of a full-fledged craze.

Pyrography "systems", Theory and Application.

First, a little remedial theory on how modern "wood burners" work.... The power supply: All modern units pretty much use the same principles and have similar parts to them. The heart of the unit is the transformer, which is basically a 110v to 2v step down transformer. In other words, it "transforms" a higher voltage to a much lower "usable" voltage, which is used to heat up a small ni-chrome element at the end of a burning pen.