Woodworking Resources and Wood Plans

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Fundamentals of Woodworking is a resource of free information to woodworkers online. We try and combine unique information available in the website with information available around the web.

We look for the best information available, and list it on this site so you don't have to search though dozens of useless sites to find what you are looking. Our resources areas is were we pull together information that we have found useful from a wide area of specializations.  Other areas of the website often a collection of links both on and offsite to articles and webpages that are of interest to woodworkers look for information in specific niches.

Free Woodworking Plans

Free woodworking plans from around we have a few original plans but mostly we have free original plans from around the internet. We have tracked down website than meet two requirements, plans must be actually free, no gimmicks, and the plans must be the original source Unfortunately the woodworking internet is filled with scam woodworking plans, both free and paid plans. Many of the paid plans are of low quality, and often stolen from the plan originator. We don't sell anything here, but we will direct you to site that in are opinion are legitimate.

Woodworking Projects

Woodworking Projects are set by set guides to making various objects. We have select common projects that we think will help you when you are building something similar.

Woodworking Articles

This is a list of all articles written for the webpage. Articles are written by people with many years in woodworking, and often consider experts in there area of expertise.

Woodworking Tool Reviews

Woodworking tool reviews and product descriptions, written by people who actually use the tools. Tool that we review are specifically selected as tool that appeal to some segment of woodworking.

Woodworking Tool Recommendations

Recommendations of the best tools available on the retail market. Most recommendation are targeted toward hobbyist and novices.

Woodworker Books

Books of interest to woodworker, hobbyist, beginner or pro.

Woodworking Magazine

Simple list on woodwork magazine we are reading.

Woodworking Distance Learning

Not everyone has some around to help teach them, or a handy school nearby. This is a listing of some of the on-line schools and resources available to new woodworker interest in learning woodworking online.