Best Band Saw Review List

Band Saw Review List

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JET JWBS-14DXPRO 14-Inch Deluxe Pro Band Saw Kit The JET 14 inch Deluxe Band Saw is designed to meet the needs of today's most demanding woodworkers. There is no need to add a riser block; this 14in. band saw comes with a massive cast iron frame for increased power that makes it ready to meet all resaw applications head-on. Couple this incredible feature with a new high tension spring design and many more amazing features, and you have a band saw that will last for years to come.Customer Product Review - A good band saw has always been a favorite tool for me and this one so far has proved to be a good one, easy to set up, change blades, etc. This saw replaces an old INCA I've owned for many years and so far I'm excited about this new acquisition. I was a little disappointed because the picture showed a fence included and I didn't read the "In the box" info. That ended up working out just fine though because I then bought the KREG precision fence which coupled with this saw makes for a superb tool, (probably better than if it had come with the JET fence.) I was happy to see the cast iron wheels instead of the cast aluminum ones I was expecting because I almost bought the Powermatic for that reason. I was sold on the built in, large re-saw capability of this saw and no-where in the web page blurb did it mention these wheels. Pleasant surprise and I look forward to many years of use. -G. T. Hawkins

POWERMATIC - PWBS-14CS, 14'' Bandsaw

2. Powermatic 1791216K Model PWBS-14CS Deluxe 14-Inch 1-3/4-Inch Woodworking Band Saw with Bearing Guides, Lamp, and Chip Blower, 115/230-Volt 1 Phase 60 watt halogen lamp built into the body, providing direct light on blade and workpiece while cutting. Chip blower ensures a clean, visible cut line. Extra-large, two-piece cast iron table consists of a 15 x 15 tilting. (45 degrees right, 10 degrees left) section and a fixed 15 x 5 extension for a total working surface area of 15x20. Balanced, nine-spoke cast iron wheels run smoothly. Easy-to-read tension gauge settings indicated in blade width increments. Carter quick tension release lever speeds blade changes. Features durable micro-adjustable dual bearing blade guide system above and below the table. Full 6 under-guide capacity with 13-1/2 frame-to-blade clearance. Built in 4 dust port. Poly V-belt maximizes power transmission while minimizing noise and vibration. Frame mounted push-button switch. Rigid one-piece welded stand requires no assembly. Includes: 1791216K 14-inch band saw, adjustable miter gauge, rip fence with re-saw assembly, 1/4-inch band saw blade, and goose-neck work light and chip blower, and stand.

Customer Product Review - This is an outstanding piece of woodworking machinery. Other than a few unclear illustrations, I had no assembly issues & was able to get it set up, rewired for 220V, and dialed-in by myself in a few hours. It's heavy, but it was not very hard getting the saw onto the stand alone. I also installed the riser block to increase re-saw capacity which I highly recommend. The upper arm of the saw is heavy & hard to get a good place to get a grip, so it took a little muscling to get the riser block installed. I seriously considered the Laguna 14SE but could not justify the additional $400-500. I admit that I probably over research before buying machines for my shop. Check out the Delta, Grizzly, Jet, Bridgewood, and others. On the Powermatic, the fit & finish is way above the competition. -R. Napoli Jr.


Rikon 10-325 14-Inch Deluxe Band Saw Rikon Model 10-325 features two speeds (1445 and 2950 ft/min), a 13-inch re-saw capacity and a powerful 1-1/2 HP 110/220V motor. Blade tracking and tension windows add safety while aligning your blade. Changing the blades (accepts 1/8-inch to 3/4-inch widths) is easy with a hinged blade guard that provides 2 inches of access; there's no twisting to install or remove blades. Quick release blade tension is designed to operate horizontally adding to the ease of use of this band saw. The 16-inch x 20-1/2-inch cast iron table is supported by a one-piece trunnion system. Hinged steel doors make access to the cast iron wheels easy and the tool holder keeps your tools accessible. The enclosed cabinet is accessible for storage of extra blades and jigs. Includes: micro adjustable blade guide bearings, work light, heavy-duty fence with re-saw bar, and 4-inch dust port.

4. Jet JWBS-10OS 10-Inch Band Saw with Stand< The JET 10in. band saw is the perfect choice if space is at a premium in your shop or on the job. With quick-release blade tension, upper and lower ball bearing blade guides, an extra-large cast iron tilting table and a easily adjustable LED work-light, this precision band saw has all the features you're used to getting on bigger band saws, yet in a powerful, portable package. Customer Product Review - I have a Jet JWBS-10OS that works great. The only problem is related to the use I have for the saw. I use it, primarily, for cutting pen blanks. I want to cut some of the blanks at various angles, using different sleds, which are guided by the miter gauge slot, but the miter gauge rides in a narrow "T" slot, not the conventional 3/8" x 3/4". I then found that there are no other miter gauges or bars available for the narrow "T" slot. I went online with Jet to look for parts for the saw, yet they do not include the JWBS-10OS in their parts listing. I emailed Jet 4 days ago to inquire about purchasing an additional Miter Gauge(s) (to use the bar for the sled), but I have received no response. I realize its early in production, but the issue of spare and replacement parts should have been included in the original production plans. Other than that, from a mechanical point, it works quite well. -DJ

DELTA 28-206 Band Saw with 1HP Motor

5. DELTA 28-206 Professional 14-Inch 1-Horsepower Woodworking Band Saw, 120-Volt 1-Phase Delta’s 28-206 14 inch band saw is a central shop tool for sizing rough stock, cutting patterns and jigs, and for radius and corbel cutting in woodworking, cabinet making and remodeling applications. The 28-206 has a 1 HP, 120/240v motor, quick-release tension lever, and 2-speeds (2,500/3,300 SFPM). It also has a 4 inch dust collection port, balanced 9-spoke wheels, and wood cutting blade. It comes with a V-belt, and blade guides. The 16"x16" table tilts 45° right and 3° left. It handles stock up to 6-1/4" thick (12-1/4" with height attachment). For accurate work, the lower blade guides have micrometer adjustment. The maximum blade width is -3/4 inch. Five year warranty.Customer Product Review - First, allow me to say that, in my opinion, this is by far the best value band saw in its class. Where else could you find a machine with these specifications and (most of) Delta's reputation for quality and service? After working out some of this new model's wrinkles, you can own a very versatile saw with a large 16" table, a quick tension release, and a good amount of power. But, for your savings, be prepared to do a little fussing to get everything just right with this saw. Let me tell you about my experiences, and most importantly Delta's excellent response to some picky little problems I encountered. I can tell you that I am a very fussy guy and know quality when I encounter it, and will settle for nothing less than "how things should be." When I discovered this saw was totally manufactured in China, I decided I would hold Delta's feet to the fire and demand the same level of quality found in their U.S. made saws, and I think I'm close. -AC

Grizzly G0555X

6. Grizzly G0555 14" Extreme Series Band Saw Grizzly has turned one of its most popular band saws into an extreme machine. They made the stand heavier, the table bigger, and the cast iron wheels stronger to take on your toughest jobs. We've even added a Re-saw Fence and a built-in light. And a ingenious 2-piece table extends all the way to the left yet, allows the table to tilt to 45 degrees without removing anything. Just look at all these features and we think you'll agree, this is one awesome band saw. Customer Product Review - I searched and searched and finally came to the conclusion that for the average home woodworker's budget, there are three types of band saws. Cheap ones that you will wish you didn't buy (think 12" saws made in China and sold at the big box stores), medium priced saws that are alright but have some serious shortcomings (think of the Delta and Jet low-medium priced models), and saws that are good but expensive (Powermatic and Delta X5). After reading absolutely everything written on the subject in the past 5 years (I am a librarian after all) I decided that this Grizzly saw deserves a category of its own. Though it is priced closer to the "cheap" category than the other two, it sports features and performance that are much closer to the "expensive" saw category. -Scott Pointon