Free Wooden Toy Plans

Free Wooden Toy Plans

Toy making is an excellent activity for the toy maker and for a great gift for kids. And free plans makes it even better. It's a great way to get kids interested in woodworking, and making wood toys can be an excellent family project. Building toys is a great way to show off your woodworking skills. Toys are something you can bring with you to let people see what your make, and they make great gifts that are enjoyed by both child and great nostalgia gifts for adults.

Hobby Horse Plan

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When scaling up the drawings, try not to be overly concerned about making the templates exactly like the drawings. They are provided as a reference to help you get started. They show the proportions of the project elements and illustrate how they are assembled, but they are not set in stone. If you make changes to the design, however, do not increase the curve on the bottom of the rockers but do make the curve slightly flatter in the center of the rockers so the horse will want to sit up straight. You may wish to change the animal by cutting a different head such as a cow, a dragon, or even a Hippogriff?

Biplane Toy Plan

In this period of life their imagination is always active, they like to act and play roles of various professions. Nicely designed airplane with rotating propeller will fire up your boy`s imagination about flying and piloting. It will let him to have a good time, but also make him learn something about traffic and vehicles, also to develop his imagination and spend his energy while running around simulating plane flight and at the same time building his muscles.

Stacking Train Blocks Toy Plan

Stacking Train blocks wooden toy is intended for children over 3 years old. Children of that age are creatively inclined and like shaping and building toys from smaller parts. Stacking Train parts are simple. The child has to be imaginative and has to plan where certain parts need to be put, so that the toy would get the desired form. Thus the child develops logical thinking and the ability of perception. A Stacking Train consists of 32 separate parts, which is enough to make your three-year-old child use his/her hands, imagination and attention.

Fat Biplane Toy Plan This is the plan for manufacturing a simple Fat Biplane toy for your child. The whole structure can be made at home for a relatively short time. You can use various types of wood, but we recommend birch, beech, maple, walnut, cherry, alder... Old Timer Car Toy Plan Playing games is an integral part of every person’s life. The game is very important for growing up the child, because children fully concentrate to it, they have a great joy during the play and their approach to the game is free and spontaneous. Building a Pinewood Derby Car

Every year, boys with their parent's help, build cars of every description to enter at the local Pack competition. The construction of the car is intended to be a parent and son project with the son doing the majority of the work. The parent should supply the advise and limited assistance with the more difficult tasks. Please remember above all that the Pinewood Derby is supposed to be fun for all. So get started early and take your time building and testing your car. Plan to spend at least 4 to 6 hours building the car over several days. The experienced racers may spend many times this amount of time and it shows in the appearance and racing performance.

Victorian Doll House

Build this three story, seven room doll house. Experienced craftspeople can build everything from scratch and the less adventurous can buy many items at high end craft stores.

Free Toy Box Plan

Building a wooden toy box is a project that can be fun and practical. This simple, butt-jointed toy box can hold a good number of small toys or it can be customized to build a larger one. You can build this toy box from one, 3/4" x 2' x 4' plywood panel plus a few other necessities.

Entryway Storage Bench

Building an Entryway Storage Bench that can also be used in an entry way, a mud room, or even as a Bedroom Storage Bench can be fun and practical. This simple, butt-jointed Blanket Chest can hold blankets or a good number of toys, gloves, hats, scarves, etc.