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Cutting Joints - Additional Joints

The are a wide range of joints spanning the wide range of projects needing joints as well and the costs and requirements of the specific job at hand.

cutting woodwork joints

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How to Cut Cross Lap Joints in Wood Knowing how to cut cross lap joints in wood is important for anyone home hobbyist or professional carpenter. These types of joints are great for furniture construction or framing. You can choose to have a professional cut these joints for you, but learning to do it yourself is cheaper and more rewarding. How to Cut Dowel Butt Joints in Wood Butt joints are joins that allow two pieces of wood to be joined together at their ends. A butt joint is simply a type of joint that can be used when making various types of wood working projects, like frames, drawers, and cabinets. When using a dowel to fasten the joint you can provide additional strength to the joint than when you use other fasteners.

How to Cut Finger Joints in Wood

If you regularly undertake woodworking projects, you will find that finger joints can help you to create sturdy edges for the item you are constructing. By following a few steps, you can ensure that the task will be undertaken correctly to produce the best possible results.

How to Cut Mitered Butt Joints in Wood

Butt joints are one of the many joints used to fasten pieces of wood together. They are purely functional as opposed to other types of joints. They add additional strength which secures the wood work even better.

Woodworking Joints: How to Cut Domino Joints

Domino joints are one of the woodworking joints that are commonly used in DIY projects. A domino joint is a type of cut that is made with a tool called a domino jointer. It gets its name from the way in which the holes made by the jointer resemble a domino pattern. The dominoes are filled with biscuits that are joined with a corresponding domino joint.