Wood Carving as Art

Wood Carving as Art

After learning the basic, and trying out some simple project, anyone with advance skill can move on the wood carving for art's sake. Doing it right takes time, talent, technique, and the proper supplies.

How do you create all those detailed designs?

This article discusses the stages that us 'non-artists' go through when learning how to create beautiful chip carving designs. You'll walk through an example of how to adapt pieces of source materials that can be combined to create a unique and interesting carving.

Where do you get your ideas

At times ideas come from everywhere and anywhere - the shape of a tree, a glance from a fellow bus passenger, the slouch of a figure, a musical phrase, a picture in a newspaper, a character in a book: these are the sparks that often light the tinder.

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Free Patterns from Carving World Free Patterns from Carving World.Transferring the Pattern Once you have selected the design that you will be carving and the wood surface has been prepared with any joinery work that might be needed for the finished project, the pattern is transferring onto the wood surface.

Your First Carving Pattern

We have selected a traditional folk art flower as our suggestion for your first pattern. This delightful little design has appeared throughout carvings history on furniture accents, box lids, and even in door lintel carvings. Except for the simple beaded line design pattern, this classic floral is probably the most repeated design of our craft, appearing in almost every nation and style era.

Wood Carving Subjects and the use of Patterns and Rough-outs

It is not unusual to be asked where I get my ideas for carvings. Ideas come from many places and resources. They may come from something seen in a museum, a movie, a magazine, or they may spring from a dream, or something in nature. From a mental picture, I will often either draw the subject or find a pattern that represents the idea move it to a suitable piece of wood.

How To Design Your Own Wood Carving Patterns

If you want to design your own wood carving patterns, you will want to take a good look at existing patterns before creating your own. You can design wood carving patterns that are as simple or as complex as you desire, but you need to pay attention to how pattern designers depict depths of cuts and positioning of patterns right on the patterns themselves.