Modern woodworker favors traditional technique

Post date: Apr 4, 2011 7:06:44 PM

Omaha, NE – A Benson furniture maker prefers no frills when it comes to his pieces of functional art, leaning toward a more natural kind of beauty in the wood variety. Tucked away in downtown Benson, Colley Furniture Studio is as bare bones as his furniture. Vintage woodworking tools hang on the walls, some inherited from his grandfather who was also a wood worker.

Andy Colley said he doesn’t always know what the tools are for or even how they are used, but he lets the tools themselves tell their story. He inspects the worn grips and grinded blade angles to guide him as to how they might have been utilized. He takes the same approach to his furniture. “Wood as a medium is different than a lot of other art mediums, because it was a living thing, so each piece is different each piece has its own quirks, grain, and color,” said Colley. “It doesn’t make sense to design and then try to fit the wood into that design, the design should come from that wood.”