Woodworking "Distance Learning It" Course

Woodworking "Distance Learning It" Course

It used to be that you had to either know a knowledgeable woodworker, or be lucky enough to have a woodwork program at a local school to be able to learn about woodworking. Not any more. Although school are cutting back on programs like woodworking, it know possible to get valuable training over the internet thought distance learning programs.

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Occupation Training Program: Woodworking and Cabinetmaking Programs in woodworking prepare people to lay out, shape, mark, bind, saw, carve, and sand wood. Students learn to put furniture and cabinets together and finish them. They also learn to design and repair wood products. When it comes to decorating, do you like clean modern lines? Or ornate Victorian designs? Maybe something in the middle, timeless and traditional? Regardless of your tastes, it takes a skilled craftsman to take your ideas and translate them into a finished product.

Carpentry Course Outline

The Carpentry Course is comprised of 19 comprehensive lessons. They are easy to follow, yet challenging and stimulating at the same time. Each lesson begins with a subject matter preview and objectives, an introductory note from your instructor and a vocabulary builder of new words and terms.

Create Tomorrow - in Kitchen and Bath Design

In the Kitchen & Bath Design Associate Degree Program, students begin with classes in drawing, perspective, drafting and color then move on to courses with practical expertise based on The National Kitchen and Bath Association’s guidelines.

Woodworking Courses

For each course, students will build only assigned projects. For each project, you must select and pay for the materials chosen. Enrollment in any course automatically requires each student to abide by all NAIT safety rules and regulations while using the woodworking shops.

Industrial Woodworking Technician

Graduates of this woodworking program may find employment in a number of areas including store fixtures construction, architectural millwork, furniture construction or in the kitchen cabinet industry. There has been continuing interest in our graduates from employers over the past number of years. Humber offers a comprehensive program that gives students a solid grounding in woodworking. We stress the safe operation of common stationary machines and introduce basic manufacturing processes. Our curriculum is guided by an independent industry-based advisory board.

Furniture & Cabinet Maker - Career Diploma

You enjoy working with your hands, and you have a particular interest in woodworking. Explore a career as a Furniture and Cabinet Maker. Get the skills you need to succeed. Penn Foster Career School offers you the opportunity to learn at your own convenience thought distance learning courses.

Welcome to Computerized Woodworking

This technical certificate encompasses four essential core courses in the Mechanical Design & Fabrication A.A.S. degree. The Computerized Woodworking Certificate reflects the culmination of those learned skills and proficiencies for a student to set-up and operate the CNC machinery used in non-metal fabrication at the entry level. The core courses provide training on various woodworking equipments and on a CNC gantry mill router. Completion of the requirements for this certificate provides a head start in this technical field as a CNC operator.