Going with the grain

Post date: Apr 23, 2011 11:29:17 PM

After the first time he retired, Janus Waller decided to seriously dedicate time to his woodworking craft.

Janus Waller of rural Clarkfield doesn't care how cold it is when he's out in his shop working on his latest woodworking project. He has a handcrafted stove to keep him warm during the winter months.

"This is a handmade stove," the 84-year-old Waller said. "That's an old transformer."

Many of the items around Waller's house and buildings on his farm site are handmade, from the wooden memorabilia boxes he constantly makes to the four-wheeler he created from a 1929 Chevrolet's frame, differential and transmission.

He said he's done woodworking for many years, but got serious after the first time he retired. Waller worked in construction for most of his life, building grain bins, houses, pole barns and garages. Once he retired from that job, he did grant jobs, basically rehabbing buildings around the area.