Beginning Veneering

Beginning Veneering

Learning Veneer Basics

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Applying veneer can be a reasonably simple activity. But if it is not done correctly, it will show. Learning to do veneer correctly will keep you from destroying the desired look of your finished pieces. Veneering with Contact Cement

There are a number of ways to apply wood veneer to a substrate. If you prefer a fast, convenient method that doesn't require a lot of special equipment, good results can be achieved with contact cement and a few hand tools. With a few tips, the process is actually very easy. To get ready, you'll want to pick the section of the veneer that you want to include. In most cases, you'll want to cut your substrate to finished size before you begin. That way, you can simply trim the veneer when you're done, without having to worry about damaging the veneer by trimming the whole finished piece with a table saw. You'll want the most attractive area of the veneer pattern centered on the substrate, and with the contact cement method, you'll have just one chance to get it right. Here's an easy method for getting that perfect piece of maple burl or Macassar ebony veneer in just the right spot.

Applying Paper-Backed Veneer

A question about the best adhesive to use for paper-backed veneer over plywood leads to an extended discussion comparing professional methods to inexpensive and less-durable DIY options.

Basic Rules of Veneering

The surface may be solid wood, particle board, or previously doesn't matter. What does matter and matters greatly is that existing surfaces must be rendered absolutely smooth, flat and clean.

A Simple Way to Trim Veneer

This sequence of animations will show you an easy way to trim your veneer. The idea can work well with one sheet or multiple stacked sheets.

Sharpening a Veneer Saw

The teeth on the saw from the factory are angled just about evenly in both directions. We want to increase the angle for the pull stroke

Adhesives & Gluing Veneers

There are many adhesives on the market. Their use is dependent upon your equipment and expertise.

What is Wood Veneer?

Wood veneer is often used on common or less valuable materials to give them a superficially attractive appearance. Other than furniture, wood veneer is often used for cabinet remodeling. Using wood veneer on functional but unattractive kitchen cabinets is easier and less expensive than replacing the cabinets entirely. Wood veneer is also used for parquet floors. Wooden products that have large surfaces may be made from wood veneer to avoid the great costs associated with making large items entirely of solid wood.