Introduction to Woodworking Terminology

Introduction to Woodworking

Terminology and Jargon

Introductory glossary with explanation of woodworking terminology and the tools use by woodworkers.

Woodworking Terminology

Glossary of Terms

Woodworking Terms and Joints

All furniture and cabinet making requires the use of joints. Basically this is the method used to connect or fasten two or more pieces together. Joints can vary from very simple to quite complex. And as always, there are various way to make each type, and variations on many of them.

Grampa's Encyclopedia of Woodworking Terminology

Someone has told you they just got 200 board feet of some beautiful quarter-sawn red oak. You know that sounds pretty good but, you don't REALLY know what the heck it means. Just how much wood is that, and what's with that quarter-sawn stuff? Right? Then you're just like I was when I first started. Hey, there's still a bunch of terminology I'm not sure.

Woodworking Terms and Terminology

Woodworking terminology can be quite confusing to people just starting out, much like medical terminology to a layman. The good news is it's a lot easier to understand.

A Nomenclature of Woodturning

Speaking the Woodturning Language - An explanation of terms, tools and equipment used in woodturning.

Glossary of Woodworking Terms

I have attempted use descriptions and definitions of terms in a basic way that can be understood by the average person rather than getting too technical.

Sam Allen's Dictionary of Woodworking Terms

This dictionary is an ongoing project to compile the specialized words and slang of woodworking.

Jargon Busting

A woodworker's notebook

The Poseur's Guide to Woodworking

This edition of The Poseur's Guide directed toward those who want assume the mantle of woodworking expert without necessarily knowing the difference between a miter and mortise.

Description of term used in general woodworking

Wood Work Web woodworking glossary.

Glossary of Common Woodworking Jargon Terms

These are but a few of the terms frequently used in the woodworking vernacular. While there are many disciplines, specialties and sub-genres of woodworking, each with their own idiosyncrasies, the list below reflects some of the more widely used terms. This list is by no means complete.

Some Woodworking Terminology

More woodworking terminology and abbreviations.

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