Craftsmanship and Furniture Restoration

Craftsmanship and Furniture Restoration

The care and restoration of antiques can be a hobby in and of itself, but is the craftsmanship shown in those antiques still alive, or have the use of power tools made it antiquated.

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Craftsmanship vs. the Machine As new and more powerful woodworking tools come on market, the talent needed to construction various piece of woodwork become more automated. Does this inflow of machine reduce craftsmanship, or enable a greater number of people to work with wood. Refinishing Antiques and More.

Refinishing Antiques can be a tricky business. Altering a antique can often remove any value it holds. Option like turning it over to an professional, or simple cleaning is often the best option for a piece with value.

Antique Care, Tips and Techniques

Some antiques have some intrinsic value and some have sentimental value, but either way you need to properly car for antiques if you wish for them to survive intact for the future.

Antique Restoration and Repair After carefully making sure any work done will not remove value from an antique, there are a number of things that can be done. Many piece that have fallen into disrepair, and left in storage, can be restore to useful and beautiful pieces. Wood Movement Basics Stability and strength of furniture is effected by wood movement. Wood movement is effected by humidity, and differently in different types of wood. Understanding wood movement will allow you to make better, stronger pieces of furniture.