Woodworking Jigs

Woodworking tasks are completed quicker, efficiently and more accurately when done with the help of a jig. Look around and you'll find woodworking jigs for most any woodworker, and ideas for the rest.

woodworking jig

Jigs Basics Woodworking Jigs and safety, Kreg k4, Shelf Pin Jigs, Templates, and Introductions to Jigs and Joints. Jigs Part 1

Band Saw Circle Jig, Auto-Width Dado, Router Dado, Handle Jig, Table Saw Dial Indicator Jig, and Using a Taper or Box Joint Jig.

Jigs Part 2

Table Saw Jointing, Gauge Block, Panel Raising, Box Joint, Circular Saw Crosscut, Taper, and Tenoning Jigs.

Jigs Part 3

Box Joint, Gluing and Assembly, Clamp Rack, Router, Box Joint, Magnetic Table Saw stop-block, and Band Saw Circle Jig.

Jigs Part 4

Table Saw Cross Cut Sled, Dado jig attachment, Table Saw Jointing, Sacrificial Fence, Box Joint, Squaring Blocks, and Router Planer Jigs.

Jigs Part 5

Pocket Hole, Router, and Using Jigs and Fixtures.

Jigs Part 6

Concealed Hinge, Dovetail, Straight Cut, Flush Trim Jigs, and Planning and Building Jigs.

Jigs Part 7

Rounding Turning Squares, Box Joint, Shelf Pin, Veneer Cutting, Ellipse, Dowel Jigs, and How to Operate a Dovetail Jig.